March 2017 (ShanghaiYooya today announced its new “Yooya for Ecommerce” partnership program, designed to equip leading ecommerce providers and Tmall Partners (TPs) with the modern data, tools, and solutions needed to drive greater ecommerce conversion rates via online video marketing.

Yooya is China’s largest independent online video marketplace and boasts a network of hundreds of video content creators delivering nearly two billion online video views each month. The company connects brands with content creators and large-scale distribution channels in China’s highly fragmented media space.

China is not only the world’s largest online video market, but is also now the world’s largest retail ecommerce market globally—with sales reaching nearly $900 billion in 2016 and expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020.*

As a part of the new partnership program, select ecommerce partners will receive exclusive ecommerce and content management tools which will allow them to provide an integrated “online video path to conversion” marketing solution for their customers.

Rick Myers, Yooya CEO and cofounder, said “Yooya is leading the way in connecting brands with China’s most influential video content. Our partnerships with leading video platforms and content creators, together with our direct-to-ecommerce technology, let us help brands increase engagement and ecommerce results unlike anyone else.”

Together with its native video, digital brand amplification, and other video-centric advertising solutions, the company also provides powerful contextualized ecommerce connectivity via social media services such as Weibo and Weixin (WeChat) as well as through leading online video distribution platforms—thus closing the last mile gap.

Yooya’s CMO, John Steere further added, “tools such as Yooya’s ecommerce connectors give us a competitive edge in not only helping our clients increase awareness and engagement of their brands along the customer’s path to purchase, but also in ultimately driving conversion—the holy grail of all digital marketing.”

Yooya’s suite of video-based marketing and advertising solutions equips brands to overcome the massive challenge of marketing to Chinese audiences. The company’s network of content creators and state-of-the-art analytics platform provide essential tools for greater success in the Chinese content and ecommerce market.

About Yooya

Yooya is China’s leading online video marketing and ecommerce marketplace.  The company connects brands and agencies with content, distribution, and advertising solutions that drive massive awareness and measureable conversion.

*eMarketer & World Economic Forum

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