Nov 2016 (Shanghai) – Yooya today revealed that videos in its online video advertising network exceeded one billion views in October, in fact reaching nearly 1.2 billion views for the month. Total monthly views have increased by over 600% in the last twelve months. Through its network Yooya provides an online video “marketplace” that connects advertisers to video content to distribution through the company’s 40 video platform partners—including Alibaba’s Youku, Baidu’s iQiyi, and Tencent Video. Rick Myers, Yooya CEO and cofounder, said “Online video is rapidly replacing traditional TV as the go-to media for just about every key demographic, but advertising solutions just haven’t kept up. In China, where more video is consumed in any given month than anywhere else on the planet, there are still no solutions for even the world’s most sophisticated brands and advertisers to easily deliver video-based campaigns at the scale that China demands—to hundreds of millions of viewers across dozens of video platforms. Yooya is fixing this problem.” The company’s network includes 150 premium video creators with content delivered across 690 channels and more than 28 million subscribers. The company’s CMO, long-time ad industry veteran John Steere, further explained, “Yooya’s video marketplace enables brands, agencies and publishers to buy and sell video advertising across China’s 800 million active monthly video users. Our integrated video campaigns increase advertising awareness, engagement and most importantly conversion.” Yooya’s end-to-end suite of video-based marketing and advertising solutions include not just significantly simplified access to larger viewer audiences and broader distribution for video campaigns, but also monitoring, analytics, path-to-purchase integration, and, direct connectivity to ecommerce. About Yooya Yooya is China’s leading online video marketing and ecommerce marketplace. We connect brands and agencies with content, distribution and advertising solutions that drive massive awareness and measureable conversion. Media Contact: John J. Steere, CMO Tel: +86 (21) 6385-8880 Email: Website: