Jun 2016 (Shanghai) – Yooya today announced that 16 new content partnerships, all originating in China, were signed in June, bringing the total to 100. Yooya’s highly engaging mix of Chinese and global online content is helping drive Yooya’s viewership to record levels.

The new partners include some of the most popular creators in China, producing unique and original automotive, travel, food, entertainment and comedy content. On average, their videos earn 1.6 million views per episode and, in aggregate, have been viewed over 369 million times.

Examples of the new domestic content creators include Guihu, whose travel program is called 

‘I wanna travel’ and creator LanDu’s entertainment program, MiWenLianBo.

“Yooya delivers the widest online video distribution in China —available to 95% of the Chinese Internet population,” says Yooya CEO Rick Myers. “When you have over 700 million viewers, that creates an upwards spiral, with content creators, users, and advertisers all wanting to participate.”

Yooya’s content partners achieve distribution across more than 29 online video platforms, including Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, WeChat and Sina. Yooya offers creators a full suite of analytics, focusing on audience intelligence and rights management, to give them the tools they need to be successful.

“Our portfolio of both Chinese and internationally-sourced quality, relevant content makes us the ideal partner for global and local brands as well as advertising agencies looking to use video to reach a massive, targeted and highly engaged audience,” says John Steere, Yooya’s CMO. “Whether you’re a global automotive brand, CPG or digital/advertising/media agency, our content portfolio offers the perfect opportunity to combine your message with the right content and distribute at the scale you need.”

Yooya provides creators with the most advanced distribution, analytics and rights management features, and that means advertisers have a strong choice of targeted content channels to connect with this vast audience.

About Yooya

Yooya is a fast growing online video network in China, providing comprehensive content distribution, rights management, and video-based advertising solutions.

Yooya’s one-stop, technology-driven approach to online video in China delivers broader distribution, better data & analytics, superior monetization, and more effective video advertising solutions.


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