Oct 2016 (Shanghai) – Yooya today has announced that its 3 most popular Online Video categories amassed 546 million views in September, 2016. Yooya, one of China’s largest online video networks, was founded to provide the greatest distribution reach for local, regional and global content creators. Entertainment was Yooya’s most popular content category in September, followed by Sports & Gaming. In addition to the strong viewership, creators in the Entertainment category created nearly 2,000 new videos in the month, generating over 300,000 engagements and gaining over 220,000 new subscribers. Cumulatively, Yooya’s top three categories garnered impressive viewership and engagement. Respectively, the categories gained 1.6 million engagements, over 550 thousand new subscribers and generated 546 million views. These 3 categories now count over 13 million subscribers. John Steere, CMO of Yooya commented, “The growing viewership of our network reflects both the quality of our creator’s content, the ever increasing usage of online video in China and the breadth and depth of our catalog. Yooya is the partner of choice for creator’s and influencers in China, and we’re delighted to be highlighting them to the world. Online video represents a massive opportunity for brands to integrate organically with audiences across China, as video continues to play an integral part of the Chinese internet experience”. Yooya connects brands with influencers and creators in uniques ways. By matching brands with relevant creators and categories, we are able to support targeted opportunities to connect with viewers at massive scale. About Yooya Yooya is one of China’s fastest growing online video networks and provides comprehensive content distribution, rights management, and video-based advertising solutions. Our one-stop, technology-driven approach to online video delivers broader distribution, better data insights, superior monetization, and more effective video advertising solutions. Media Contact: John J. Steere, CMO Tel: +86 (21) 6385-8880 Email: pr@yooya.co Website: www.yooya.co