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Yooya Tops One Billion Monthly Video Views
Nov 2016 (Shanghai) – Yooya today revealed that videos in its online video advertising network exceeded one billion views in October, in fact reaching nearly 1.2 billion views for the month. Total monthly views have increased by over 600% in the last twelve months. Through its network Yooya provid...
Entertainment, Sports & Gaming Dominate Online Video in China, Yooya Reports
Oct 2016 (Shanghai) – Yooya today has announced that its 3 most popular Online Video categories amassed 546 million views in September, 2016. Yooya, one of China’s largest online video networks, was founded to provide the greatest distribution reach for local, regional and global content creator...
Yooya Breaks 700 Million Monthly Video Views

Aug 2016 (Shanghai) – Yooya, today has announced that it has surpassed 730 million monthly video views for July, a year ahead of plan and only two years after the company’s founding.

Yooya Reaches 100 Content Partner Milestone

Jun 2016 (Shanghai) - Yooya today announced that 16 new content partnerships, all originating in China, were signed in June, bringing the total to 100. Yooya’s highly engaging mix of Chinese and global online content is helping drive Yooya’s viewership to record levels.

EDA Officially Launches INDMusic Channels in China
Apr 2015 (Shanghai)  As China’s leading video marketing services provider, Entertainment Direct Asia (EDA) recently introduced a series of exclusive content from INDMUSIC, the largest independent music video publisher on YouTube. INDMUSIC has forged strateg...